Being editor-in-chief of Xpress Magazine was one of the greatest experiences of my life. I was able to take a hands on roll in the entire production of the print and iPad editions of the magazine. 


I met with each student and fine tuned their multimedia ideas. I also helped collect audio, video and designed several of the pages, including my letter from the editor pages. 

  • I hand-drew the map in "A Sweeter Look at San Francisco" and scanned it into Photoshop where I digitially manipulated it. 

  • I collected the audio clips for "Caught in the Trap" and came up with the interactive design

  • I photoshopped the ineractive basket and produced the video in the "Farm Fresh to Go" story

  • Designed editor's page and thank you page. Came up with table of contents and staff page concepts


Xpress Magazine 4


by Jessica Graham

Farm Fresh to Go
Jessica Graham editor-in-chief
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Kombucha Me Crazy
A Sweeter Look at San Francisco
Drag It Out
Caught in the Trap